The opening ceremony will take place on 18th of May 2016 in Angren, Tashkent region. The ribbon will be cut by the prime ministers of the two countries – Boyko Borissov and Shavkat Mirziyoyev

The project is a result of the work of Uz-Prista Recycling, a joint venture set up by a Decree of the President of Uzbekistan. It is formed by the Bulgarian company „Prista Recycling“ with a share of 51 % and „Uznefteproduct“, a subsidiary of "Uzbekneftegaz", with a share of 49 %. Main shareholders and investors in the new Bulgarian company “Prista Recycling” are Bobokovi brothers and the Mandjukov family.

The total investment amounts to about 19 million USD and shall provide for the creation of 50 new direct jobs and another 150 jobs in related activities. A manager of the successfully completed construction work and the launch of the plant in Uzbekistan is Ivaylo Mandjukov.

The capacity of the recycling plant shall be intended for the recycling of 40 000 T of waste oils annually for production of 30 000 T of lube base oils, up to 6 000 T of fuel and up to 4 000 T of asphalt flux. It is planned that up to 60% from the lube base oils will be exported as raw materials for the needs of Prista Oil in Central Asia and Ukraine, and the rest assimilated as part of the production program of „Uz - Prista“. As for the fuel and asphalt flux, there is a market for domestic consumption.

The Bulgarian company “Prista Recycling“ is a technology partner and a holder of the exclusive rights, granted by the American Patent Office, for the technology linked to the construction of the installation for waste oils regeneration - the first one to be built in Central Asia and the countries from CIS[1], without any analogue. The company acts not only as an investor but also as a co-contractor, organizing the entire engineering activities related to the project.

The launch of the new high-tech plant for recycling of waste oils “Uz-Prista Recycling” shall provide for environmental pollution prevention through reduction and elimination of hazardous waste, and shall help for reduction of unauthorized waste oils disposal into the environment, all the while providing raw materials for the manufacturing of finished lubricants after regeneration of the waste oils in the Central Asian republic.

The investment can be seen as the start of a new approach implemented towards the collection, transportation and storage of waste oils with a direct positive impact on the environment. To date, no universal approach directly related to ecology has been imposed in Uzbekistan, here is why the Bulgarian contribution plays such a crucial role.


*Let us remind you that the namePristais already well known in Uzbekistan, as from 2011 on the territory of the country operates the Uzbek-Bulgarian joint-venture “Uz-Prista” with a capital of 13.4 million USD. The enterprise is highly profitable and regularly pays dividends to its founder members. The company shareholders are “Uzbeknefteproduct” - a business division of the national holding company “Uzbekneftegaz” - with a share of 49.9 %, and Prista Oil Holding EAD, Bulgaria with a share of 50.1 %.

„Uz - Prista“ is the first and sole producer of the full range of high quality engine, transmission, industrial and other type of lubricants, as well as the first and sole producer  of synthetic and semi-synthetic oils in Uzbekistan.

The consumers of the products of „Uz – Prista“ include major industrial manufacturers in the field of defense, agriculture, mining and quarrying, the automotive industry, and others.