Havoline ProDS - a new range of motor oils with Texaco Deposit Shield Technology


From October 2016, Chevron Lubricants is launching a new range of high quality synthetic engine oils, Havoline ProDS.

For over 100 years Havoline oils have been trusted by motorists to deliver the highest standard of engine protection, in order to provide the best performance possible.
However, this oil technology has not only been honed on the road, but also in the heat and pressure of competition, whether that be on NASCAR®’s ovals, in the high-technology world of Formula 1®, or even Le Mans.

The Havoline Deposit Shield technology helps protect engine components from the constant onslaught of harmful deposits and wear, even in extreme driving conditions.

As engine technology evolves to produce engines which are smaller and more powerful, with lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency, the engine oils that protect them must also develop.

The Havoline ProDS range has been designed using high quality premium synthetic base oils, as well as unique additives in order to care for the latest generation of vehicles fitted with low emission, fuel efficient engines, including hybrids.

Manufactured using high quality premium synthetic base oils and specifically designed additives, Havoline ProDS engine oils pro-actively shield your engine from damaging deposits and wear by constantly renewing the Deposit Shield protective barrier which keeps harmful deposits from forming on your engines critical surfaces while reducing wear. Havoline ProDS with Deposit Shield Technology – pro-actively protects what matters:your engine’s performance, your investment and your fuel economy*

* Fuel Economy Performance is dependent upon vehicle/engine type, outside temperature, driving conditions, driving style, engine oil viscosity and manufacturer service recommendations